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Distracted Driving Don't Do It

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My argument is that texting while driving is one of many dangers compared to driving under the influence of alcohol. This is something that the laws should become stricter on and give tickets. People should be cited for texting while driving because not only are drivers putting themselves in danger but also everyone else around them. Texting while driving must be stopped. To do this our government must take action to both add uniformity to the laws and punishments bestowed on the offenders. But, it is also vital that the government provide ample educational programs in order to spread the message about the dangers of tapping the keyboard while behind the wheel. As well as unifying laws against texting behind the wheel, the United States must make sure that the sanctions for violating such a law are strong enough to deter drivers from typing while driving. From the time one learns what a car is; one is taught that it is very dangerous and should never be done. The same must be done in the United States regarding texting and driving education. To further education on texting while driving, the government should make it mandatory to attend a two hour class on distracted driving, primarily focusing on texting, and pass the subsequent quiz. Prospective drivers already have to pass a written quiz on the rules of the road to obtain their learner’s permit, so adding another quiz on safe driving is not unreasonable. Driver’s education is currently taught in schools around the country, as well as through various independent driving schools. But, this education focuses on technique and rules that one must follow on the road. By mandating a further class on distracted driving and its effects, driver’s education would come full circle, providing them with the knowledge to be both informed and safe drivers. The distracted driving laws must also include all ages, not just young drivers, because distracted driving affects everyone’s ability to drive safely. It should also no longer be a question when and where texting behind the wheel is illegal. It should be illegal, period. The punishments must also be stiffened, forcing people to reach deeper into their pockets if caught texting. A heftier fine, as well as license suspension would be a strong deterrent for people to keep their fingers off the keypad.

When you bump into someone in the hallway or at the store, “sorry” can fix the problem. Will “sorry” help when you crash your car and possibly kill someone because you were a distracted driver? It saddens me greatly to think that some people view a phone call or a text message more valuable than a human life. When we practice distracted driving, that is in essence the statement that we are making. Driving under the influence of cell phones is like playing a game of Russian roulette on the road. Who will be more focused on their cell phone instead of the road, and swerve into your lane causing a head-on collision? Cell phones distract their user’s hands, eyes, and concentration. This is a dangerous addiction that needs to be treated with stricter laws and consequences. Too many unnecessary accidents and tickets are the effect of distracted driving that could be avoided. No distraction is worth the risk of a tragic end result. Drive focused or don’t drive….it’s as simple as that!


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