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All It Took Was one

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My mom told me I had to play with her.

“But I don’t even know her name and I haven’t talked to her since the first day of school. How could I play with her if she don’t even know me?” I said to my mom.

“She will play with you because I already talked to her mom about you,” said my mom

“Wait. You already talk to her mom about me? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” I said

“Because I want it to be special, you know.” My mom said with tears falling from her eyes.

“Sorry I make you feel bad. I know you want me to have friend, but you shouldn’t do it this way. It will make you feel even worse if you keep on making a surprise for me. You know that, don’t you?” I said with conviction.

“I know. It just I want you to be happy, after all this years.” My mom said with a smile, but I still could see the tears that were falling from her eyes.

“I know. I am sorry” I said and gave her a hug.

“So, Will you go and play with her?” my mom said with happiness.

“Yes. I will play with her. Because I know our friendship will grow.” I said with happiness.

After that, I went out to play with her. I met her at her house, and she invited me inside to talk with her. I was really nervous when she asked me what my name was.

“What is your name?” She asked with a smile.

“My name is Sheri Zhu” I said with a nervous smile.

“What is your name” I asked her with a smile


“My name is Rain Chenreansuek”. She said with a smile, too.

At that moment I felt I was happy again after many years. I felt I had met a friend and I could talk to her about everything . Soon I felt happy again. I was so excited about meeting her. This was the most wonderful thing that I had ever experienced. I was so happy that I had finally met a new friend that I could trust, even though we all had a rough time in the past.

I ask her about her past. She told me she was bullied at school, and no one liked her.

“I was bullied at school on many occasions. None of my classmates liked me. I felt really lonely and only wanted to have a friend to talk to. It was a terrible experience. I don’t want to go back to that experience.” Rain said with sadness.

“How about you?” Rain said with a smile.

“I was bullied too and experienced a lot of pain like you did. All I wanted was to have a friend, but none of my classmate realizes that. It was a terrible experience. Some days after school when I got home, I would go into my room and cry. I was so lonely that I wanted to kill myself.” I said with tears falling from my eyes.

“I wanted to experience hope, but they wouldn’t let me have hope” I said with a sad smile.

“Yeah. I totally know how you feel. We had the same experience.” Rain said giving me a hug.

“Yeah. I guess we had the same experience.” I said with a smile.

After that, I realized she could be my best friend because we had had the similar experiences and just wanted to make a friend.

We spent the rest of the day talking and getting to know each other better. Soon at school, she wasn’t that quiet person that I had met sitting next to me on the first day of school. She was more energetic and more talkative. I had never seen her like this before. She was happy to get along with others, with my new classmates. She was happy to meet me. I was happy to meet her too. Together we met a lot of new people. We really got along well with them.

I was happy to have her around. She was happy to have me around too. Suddenly, I felt more happy than ever before. I felt hope again, and she felt hope too. We spent rest of our time together.

I met her five years ago and even until now we still spend time together and talk about everything, whether it is sad or not. We still share a lot of stuff.

She is the most endearing person that I have met. I hope in the future that we can stay together no matter what.. We will still be best friends. I will always treat her like a mother and a friend. She will always treat me like a daughter and a friend. We will always stay close, no matter how far apart we are, no matter what our future will be, we still will stay together and be best friends forever. No matter what, we will always stay together and live together until the end of our lives. All it took was one friend to transform my life.


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