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The Breakdown of Macbeth

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the witches, or a vision. Macbeth still proceeded to carry out and fulfill this merciless deed. The amount of good in this play is small. But this play all in all is a tragedy, most tragedies include elements of good through personal context.

Macbeth’s wife, also know as Lady Macbeth, played one of the most major, but most underlying role. She secretly helped Macbeth plot the murder of King Duncan. Its obvious and known that Macbeth carried the weapons that eventually killed King Duncan, however, it is argued that Lady Macbeth, as said before, provided the foundation and was the constant force that led to the murder. She immediately hints that she had influences over Macbeth after she heard about the prophecy: "Hie thee hither, that I may pour my spirits in thine ear." (Act I, Scene V). Translation for this means he wasn’t to continue without her by his side. By further investigation from text evidence the actions from both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth say a lot about who they are as characters. This also includes Banquo. He played just as much of a role as Lady Macbeth did. He became Macbeth’s co-conspirator: someone who is engaged in conspiracy

After reading and rereading the message of what Shakespeare was getting across was simple. In the book of Macbeth the elements of evil and good, supernatural, greed, and even jealousy shine through miraculously. The tragedy of Macbeth is the story line itself. The details included make the vividity in which provides an emotional atmosphere for the audience or readers.


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