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Literature Essay

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Literature can use someone’s pessimism and misfortune to bring back unwanted past memories. Lawson illustrates Arthur’s [g]feelings towards Laura:[h]

“He knew she didn’t love him, and that she was still in love with Jake.

He knew she only married him because there was no other option.

It made no difference. He loved her and he wanted to look after her, and that was all”(BC[i]#3).[j][k]

Likewise, as a reader I can personally connect to Arthur emotionally, physically, and mentally. I mentioned in my book club notes in grade 8, I was in a serious relationship with a boy. I knew that he didn’t love me. He had eyes for another girl while he asked me out. As a young girl, I was mentally and emotionally afflicted. I pushed away negative thoughts and decided to carry on the relationship because I sincerely loved and wanted the best for him. This made me reminisce the feeling of loving someone while they loved someone else. The effect that it took on me has disappeared over time through Arthur’s experience. [l] I am able to now look back to the past and accept that things can never be the same as I would like them to be but I am able to know that I have many people around me that love me and cherish me.

As a matter of fact, a student in my book club discussion had shared his previous experience where his mother at a young age experienced her younger brother passing away. As a person, I was able to understand the feelings of his mother because of my personal experience. The student reminded me of memories of the death of my grandfather. I was able to sympathize with the student which led me to a sense of peace. I received comfort from someone’s experience with a loss. This revealed to me that literature has the power to heal someone’s scars to a great extent.

Not only can literature remind us to be confident but it can flourish us into becoming role models for others. Lawson illustrates the story of how Jake had left Laura which made Laura change drastically. She learned to rely and depend on Arthur, accepting him after so many years. Jake always received lots of love and credibility while Arthur did not receive much praise and love. Arthur deserves someone that will be able to provide him support and love. Laura was the one that changed Arthur in and out. Seeing Arthur happy made me have a more positive outlook on my own life. [m]Despite all the hardships that Arthur went through, he still made it through all his challenges. As a reader, I was surprised by how Arthur had developed into such a mature person physically and emotionally. Physically Arthur become stronger by concentrating on his father’s farm despite all the devastating events that occurred over time. Arthur’s character development inspired me, seeing that Arthur took on a leader role to take care and depend on Laura. As a reader, my previous view on scars not only changed but also was transformed in a way where I was able to open my eyes to see how no matter how many obstacles you pass, anyone can get back up from wherever they are and start a brand new life. Indeed, literature can heal the scars of our past.

Literature assimilates us into a new environment where we are able to learn to adapt to any given situation. During the third book club discussion, I brought up how men that came back from war were physically and mentally worn out. A character from the novel survives and is able to return home to him family. Lawson describes Ted:

“There was a scar running down the right side of Ted’s face, with a stretch of shiny pink skin covering the eye socket. And as Arthur’s eyes adjusted to the dim room, he saw more: saw that the blankets were stretched smooth and flat across the bed, smooth and flat as a tabletop, where Ted’s legs should have been. And that where his left arm should have been there was an empty sleeve, folded and pinned across his chest. He was looking at Arthur out of one eye so savagely bright it made Arthur think of an animal caught in a trap, an animal you’d kill as quickly as you could to put an end to its pain. Arthur turned around and left the room” [n](Lawson 294).

World War 2 has left families to witness death after death, depression, and prisoners of war. As a reader when Ted was finally able to be at home, it allowed me to finally become relieved. I was able to see through Arthur’s eyes to witness how life was like when the war was going on in the small urban part of Canada. Likewise, many soldiers have fought for freedom in Canada. Many families have experienced tragic losses and memories that may be hard to forget. This serves as a reminder that there is always people fighting for us. This inspired me as a reader to be positive about death of loved ones. The memories of my loved ones will always be in my heart but I now know that they are up in heaven watching over me. Fortunately, literature is able to act as a shield to past scars.

As an individual I find it strenuous to explicitly state my opinion on sensitive topics. Literature was able to carry me up in the sense where I can overlook my past and start a fresh life. I no longer want to conform to society’s standards of letting scars get a hold of me. I am able to stand affirm of my values, morals, and beliefs on how literature can be a guideline to how to deal with my past adversities. I have come to the realization that there’s more to me then what meets the eye of others. Literature has provided me the confidence that it can heal the scars of our past to a great extent. All you have to do is look beyond to see the other side of the mirror.

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