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Idea De Progreso

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Girl and Boy is an article who talks about parents who wish to choose the sex of their child before pregnancy for varied reasons. However, it isn’t sure to obtain the expected result

Here, the author calls into questions this progress for ethical and moral reason

This article illustrates the notion idea of progress because it shows us the fact that technology and medicine has progress.

Hugh Herr is an American biophysicist. High level climber, he must amputate his two legs at knee level following a misadventure during an ascent. He tries nevertheless to keep climbing and has created prototype legs allowing him to climb again.

In this video, the author wants to show that we can have a normal life even if that we have a handicap

This document is linked to the notion because it deals with the technological progress.

* Positive contributions for Progress

Contrary to what we can think, the progress doesn’t contain only bad sides. The progress helps numerous people and also improves the quality of life

At the medical and scientific level, in the article girl and Boy, sex selection allows the people infringement of infertility to have children or in other cases prevent genetic diseases.

At the technological level, in the case of Hugh Herr, prostheses are artificial devices invented to compensate for the loss of his members. They allow him to be able to move normally.

These innovations allow the people to find one certain hopes.

Both the article and the video makes us realize to what extent technological, scientific and medical progress progressed

* Conclusion

To conclude, progress improves life. Put into the hands of human beings, that knowledge can be used for medicine or great advances.

In my opinion, everything comes from fiction because before providing to create it is already necessary to imagine

According to me, this notion can be connected with the notion myth and heroes because, in the case of Hugh Herr, this man can be considered as a hero for some people because he is like a strength for all the other disabled people.


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