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Cloning Essay

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with a male sperm cell. Once it’s done fertilized together, the fertilized egg will be put placed back into a woman’s womb where the baby will be developing. Scientists and researchers said that this technique of In Vitro Fertilization is successful. Cloning can give the benefits of infertile couples to have children when having a difficult time reproducing a baby.

I believe that human cloning can help us aid humanity and can be used to benefit our health. There are numerous reasons why human cloning will aid humanity and can be used to benefit our health. Human cloning has the potential and benefits to save human lives and heal the sick. Therefore, I have concluded that human cloning can benefit us with our health and with our lives. Which came to the fact by using human cloning technology, scientists and researchers can generate more advanced future medical treatment for ill patients, cure incurable diseases, and help the sick get replacement of new organs and tissues. Throughout the cloning module, many people have thought the benefits and the non benefits of human cloning. It came to the sense that human cloning has the benefits for aiding humanity and used to benefit our health. Additionally, it is understandable that human can now rely on the benefits of human cloning.

It could be for the possibility of human cloning can turn out for the good or the bad. For those who still thinks that human cloning are not the benefits to aid humanity and used to benefits our health, should have their time to think that human cloning has the benefits ways to help ill patients and save lives. The ill patients will feel relieve and stronger when human cloning was used on them. After all, human cloning can be very useful and helpful for medical treatments and treating other diseases. Cloning help spare parts to help the ill patients and also help infertile couples that couldn’t reproduce babies. Therefore, human cloning have the benefits to aid humanity and help benefits our health in the future.

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