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Changing Behaviour

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7) Health effects of sedentary/inactivity


Sedentary: Higher levels or sedentary behaviour associated with poorer health outcomes, including an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

Inactivity: People who do not do sufficient physical activity have a greater risk or cardiovascular disease, colon and breast cancer, type two diabetes and osteoporosis. It also reduces other risk factors such as overweight, high blood pressure and also high cholesterol.

8) Measuring PA (population v individual)


9) Objective measures


- The use of direct observations or a device

- Objective measures remove the disadvantages of associated with subjective measures.

10) Subjective measures

Answer: is relying on a person/people to remember which activities they participated in, and their perception of this intensity.


- Can capture qualitative and quantities information

- Can be administered quickly and easily

- Cost effective

- Usually low burden of participants

- Disadvantages

- No suitable for assessing children under 10

- Problems associated with over-reporting due to social desirability bias, or memory

11) Different approaches to promote Physical Activity (Individual, setting, population)


Reducing physical inactivity involves changed to both the individual and the environment, but most physical activity research tends to focus around the challenging individual

These an strategies to promote PA at an individual level:

Print and web-based media


Processes of change

- Print and web based media

Print materials promoting physical activity include booklets. Brochures, handouts and websites.

They are available from:

- Community based recreational centres

- Healthcare providers

- Schools and workplaces

- Government, industry and commercial websites

- This type is really good for people with a low ses who don’t need to access internet

- Counselling:

Is a widely used individual approach to physical activity promotion. Advice about being Physical active can be provided by:

- PE teacher

- Fitness instructor

- Psychologist

And can be delivered via:

- Health professionals

- Telephone, email

- Automated phone or online delivered


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