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Black Night

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Black Night


Black night

By: Anndy Cooper




1.-First Day

2.-Why do you care?

3.-She is a different girl

4.-Nice to meet you

5.-This couldn’t be happening to me

5.-Who really is Beth Parker?

6.-Presentation of the new students


8.-A bunch of nothing to her

9.-You are everything to me


What could happened if you are trying to escape from the past but it keeps coming to you?

That happens to Beth Parker, she was having hard times and dated with a guy named Johnny Becker he made Beth go into a world she didn’t assume. In one escape to New York, Manhattan she meets a opposite guy named Freddie Daley she is the opposite of him he is kind, timid, curious, and happy of his life has two friends Ryan and Katherine they will find the way to make Freddie and Beth be together but could there love be forever?

“This is my fault everything is my fault why couldn’t you understood we couldn’t be together” She said crying

“And can’t you understand that I love you and I will never let you down I will be by your side never forget that” He said

And then he closed his eyes.

This is the story between love and damage of the past what will make you keep still this story.




Beth Parker

I had a beautiful life until my stepfather came to live here with my mother Isabell and his stupid daughters. All my life went down my mother hated me, he humiliate me. Jennifer and Candice humiliate what I studied and I started my life in a different way. My world was black my entire life was. I was hanging with a “tuff” guy then his friends started to show me what they did and I noticed that they were killing someone I helped and then ran away to New York, Manhattan I guess the best thing could happened to me was that I knocked a door that started an adventure a fight will destiny and love don’t know if we could be together but the true is that I loved him. He was tall and had a whiteness skin he has freckles his hair was blond not too long and a beautiful brown eyes .He was Freddie Daley.

Freddie Daley

Studding like I always do when I live in a big city New York, Manhattan I’m waiting for my friend Ryan that guy is Tall blue eyes brown shinny hair and white skin as me he has dimples to and he lives with her girlfriend Katherine well continuing we will go to time square for some food I guess we will continue playing videogames till midnight like always tomorrow will be a really tuff day exam new stupid students. The door sound I guess its Ryan or my mother with groceries I opened the door and there she was the girl that started with my nightmares but with the one that I felled in loved the first day I saw her through my door she had secrets that could make you run away but I was with her. We both had love but I guess it wasn’t enough to stay together or maybe yes. She’s was a medium size with brawny black hair, her eyes color green, her white skin. And those dimples when she often smiled. She was Beth Parker.

Chapter #1First Day

Beth Parker

First day hurray I can`t imagine a day in the university of New York I found my department thanks to that guy what was his name? OH Yeah Freddie that guy told me he was pretty nice I need to admit but not my kind he was so hysteric because I was smoking, what a nerd but he really is adorable .I will try to forget what I just said I’m crazy just talking to myself. The school doesn’t sounds so bad I actually love the school but the popular people the girl of the school`s paper the guys that play American to impress the cheerleader’s that’s the thing I hate from the school out there is perfect unless I had ruff day.

Freddie Stiller

That girl was crazy she was smoking that’s bad but well she’s not my problem. My tuff day was here the exam and all the new students I have to admit I want to know who are those guys I’m I little curious I guess I need to wait till they call all the school and announce. I was waiting for Ryan yesterday was a little weird we slept too early in the middle of an escape from the zombies in The Walking Dead videogame. I had a feeling that tell me to me to go with the new girl to know where is her school because if she got lost yesterday today won’t be an exception well I guess.

Chapter#2 why do you care?

Beth Parker

Someone sounded the door I was ready to go to the university when I opened there he was the nerd hysteric guy it was so weird I don’t know what he wants what is he doing here well so many questions and I just look at him oh god kill me he has some beautiful eyes why can I talk till he spoke up Hi, Beth I was wondering do you go the University of Time Square?-He said Hi Freddie, um yes I’m going there in this moment why?-I said still looking in to his eyes

Do you mind if we go together I say because I don’t want to know you get lost again- He mentioned

Are you trying to say I’m a desiccated person but now you insist lets go-I said

Perfect-He said a little happy.

Freddie Daley

I went to Beth’s department I wanted to know more about that new mysterious girl. So I went and knocked the door two times and she opened up she’s going to my school so I told her to come with me so she could not get lost and she wanted that makes me a little happy I suppose. The most strange thing was that she doesn’t stopped looking in to my eyes and I couldn’t


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