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An Expierence of a Lifetime

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life long friends of mine and not just because of our fun times, but because they are they only people who understand what I went through there, because we did it together. We went to being hard at work everyday and to relaxing playing cards with the group. The amount of teamwork and determination that was contributed made me feel connected to not only the workers involved, but to myself, and to my faith.

        If you asked me one of the most memorable and one of my most favorite times on the trip, I’d say the singing. The connection I felt when we sang is unexplainable. When we sung at the clinic, at our Friday night shabbat, and on the roof of our hotel at Puebla, I mean those were my favorite times. It reminded me how proud I was to be there with all these amazing people, how proud I was to represent global citizens network, but most importantly how proud I was to be Jewish. At those moments my connection I felt to god, to the people I was thinking of when I sang was incredible. It was such an indescribable feeling. I wouldn’t have had this trip without my awesome grandmother who sent me on it, all the chaperones, the GCN representatives, and every single person who have impacted my life so much. I thank every single one of those people, because without them, and without the opportunities they have given me I wouldn’t have been shaped into the person I am today.

Why I Chose You (short answer)       

         At College of the Canyons, I plan to pursue a career in fire Science. Since I want to be a firefighter when I’m older I have chosen COC because of the great fire program you offer. Most junior colleges don’t have fire programs of some sort so that’s why I have chosen you. I plan on getting my EMT license and at the same time start on a degree in fire science because you guys now offer yourselves as a "4 year university." I plan on going to paramedic school at some point because it greaters my chances of being accepted into the fire department. If competition is too hard at the time for the fire service I will start my career as a nurse and study to work in the emergency room.


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