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Personal Statement with Fashion Business/fashion Promoting & Imaging

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The reason of i loving fashion because fashion is creative, seductive, always changing and a form of art, to others it is a religion. To me,it makes me know how to imagination exert in fashion, it is a form of art and self-expression.I am drawn to the endless possibilities of fashion, the idea that someone can fully express themselves through their clothes captivates me. I think fashion have close relationship with art, music, history and culture. I enjoy experimenting with fashion, seeing what works and what does not, and working out why it doesn’t work. I had some major fashion disasters, but have learnt from them and so have developed my own sense of style.I love fashion, so I like to know more about it. I hope that my future work will be related with fashion , so i decided to attend fashion design courses , from clothing inspired excited to conduct the process of garment making, it makes me better understanding of what is fashion design , how does it get a balance in reality and imagination.

But i think with the explosion of new media over the last ten-years, the fashion industry has been democratised ,opportunities in fashion are no longer primarily focused on the role of designer and the fashion industry requires quality content in the form of words and image.How society is heavily influenced by the media is immensely important, as it shows how easily it is to imprint ideas on the public.So i think a good designer not just need to have a very professional fashion knowledge, also they have to need a strong sense with promotion skills and brand image packaging capacity.

In my spare time I enjoy expressing myself through paintings and drawings,my hobbies and interest are music,travel,running and reading. I’ve been save money and travel a lots of place alone so I am independent,and personally experienced many different cultures and customs, which made me open the field of vision.

I'm currently working towards prepare to open online shop and planning how to promotion it.It will be an amazing experience and has definitely helped me develop into a more confident person.This was rewarding as I gained critical confidence as a successful team leader and it helped me in becoming a more self-motivated and driven individual.

Fashion promotion and and Imaging will provide me with the base skills and abilities to make it into the fashion niche.I feel that I will bring innovation and diversity to the course, through my sense of creativity and unique style.


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