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Les Miserables Essay

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In addition to Cosette, Valjean also changed the live of his enemy, Javert. Javert is a character who so obsessed with enforcing society’s laws and by doing this he doesn’t realize he is living a flaw. Although Javert is such a strict character that it is hard to understand, it’s easy to understand that he lives with the shame of knowing that his own background is not so different from the backgrounds of the men he locks up. So Javert, lives his life trying to erase this shame through his strict commitment to upholding the law. Javert’s flaw, however, is that he never stops to question whether the laws themselves are just. In his mind, a man is guilty when the law declares him so. So, when Valjean forgives Javert, it shows him that a man is not necessarily evil just because the law says he is. When he realizes this Javert is incapable of connecting this new information with his beliefs. Javert then commits suicide, because he didn’t want to be overwhelmed by the thought that he may have been living a dishonorable live. The redemptive power of love and forgiveness did change Javert’s beliefs about the law, but is also lead to Javert committing suicide.

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