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Stirringminds Co-Working office Space

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She taught me how to edit the copies and give them for printing when required and also how to categorise the news story according to its demand. She taught me how to manage in the office environment.

I would also like to thank all the interns with whom I got an opportunity to work so freely and perfectly. As it is said no one is perfect and you get to know a lot more when you work with others on the field.


Print media is classified as anything that is in print and is also used to inform the public. The most prominent forms of print media are newspaper agencies, newspapers, books, magazines, direct mail and yellow pages. Outdoor advertising like billboards and transit posters are different types of print media but are very effective in conveying the advertisement across. What one sees and reads has a big influence on what he or she says, how one says it, and his or her action. The influence print media has on people and communities have contributed to the change in popular American culture today. Print media is placed to catch everyone attention, it is everywhere one may look. People will find some form of print media strategically placed to catch onlooker’s attention.

More than a communicative feature, print media has influenced Indian culture and consumerism over the years. Print media sets the trend on what is fashionable and what is out of fashion. More important, it serves as a significant factor to inspire and impede consumerism. By influencing one’s consciousness and perception, print media has formed society into what has become – Indian culture of today. The influence print media has make one desire the thing he or she use to dislike, believe in principles he or she used to have an aversion to, and continually consume items in excess.

Print media has been extending the knowledge of the news or chronicles across the nation by keeping the public up-to-date on information pertaining to one’s life, services, products and the environment. Several trends that have propagated by the print media are food, fashion, and weigh loss programs. People are focused more on these trends today than ever before. Print media has made it more accessible for people to obtain whatever information he or she needs to keep up with these particular trends.


In this age of information we are bombarded with tons of it every day. News, on the other hand, is specific information that is a communication in the form of print or electronic media. We read newspapers every morning or whatever we get time. They are a compilation of facts and information about recent happenings though newspapers also have sections where precise information about various subjects is also accessible to the readers. There are many who find the dichotomy among news and information puzzling as they do not find any differences. This will attempt to find out these differences so as to allow people to identify a piece as news or information when they get or accept it.

News is considered to have originated from the word new. Any information about an incident, event, occasion, mishap, disaster, or even financial results of a company is measured to be pieces of news. You must have seen captions of breaking news running at the bottom of news channels on television where they carry information about any event that is taking place at the same instant that another program is being beamed on your screen. Many times, broadcast of regular programs is stopped and breaking news told to the audiences if it is measured to be very significant for the viewers.

When you are on a railway station and do not have a clue concerning the timing of the train for your reason, you head towards the information desk where the person answers all your queries as he provides the information that you are looking for. Likewise in a classroom, all the knowledge that a teacher imparts to his or her students is essentially in the form of information that is destined to clear the concepts in the minds of the students.

A printing press is a device for applying pressure to an inked surface resting upon a print medium (such as paper or cloth), thereby transferring the ink. Typically used for texts, the invention and spread of the printing press and widely regarded as the most influential events in the second millennium AD, revolutionizing the way people conceive and describe the world they live in, and ushering in the period of modernity.

Journalism is the practice of investigation and reporting of events, issues and trends to a broad audience. Though there are many variations of journalism, the ideal is to inform the intended audience. Along with covering organisations and institutions such as government and business, journalism also covers cultural aspects of society such as arts and entertainment. The field includes editing, photo journalism, and documentary.

In modern society, news media has become the chief of information and opinion about public affairs; but the role and status of journalism, along with other forms of mass media, are undergoing changes resulting from the internet.


Currently, in the times of digital media and Information technology, the importance of print media is same as years before. May be it is the convenience of reading something anytime you want that makes the hardcopies remain more popular. It seems like nothing is ever going to take the place of print media. While the usage of printing and print media seems to have no end even in the future, one really gets curious about the history of this media. Let us go back in time and trace back man's first successful print making endeavour.

Many historians trace the history back to Mesopotamian times of around 3000BC but there are hardly any evidences to prove it. However first actual record is known to be of block prints used around 200AD in China. Initially it was used to print on clothes. As the usage of paper became common around China and East Asia, the same technique was used on paper as well. Nearly two centuries later the Romans also used the same printing techniques on both papers and clothes. The earliest example of a complete printed compilation along with illustrations is The Tiananmen scrolls. It was printed in China in 868 AD. In Korea, the same block technique was further enhanced by using metal rather than wood.

Later during the 9th and 10th century same technique was used in clay, wood, metal, stone and even glass in the Middle East. The Arabs and Egyptians used the technique to print prayer books


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