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Act one - Macbeth Diary Entry

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I sent my wife a letter ,telling her about my meeting with the witches. When I came home to her and greeted her, I told her Duncan will be staying at our home tomorrow. My wife told me she will take charge and take care of all the preparations for Duncan’s visit and also, she will take charge in the preparations for his murder. I started contemplating whether I should kill Duncan again. I can come up with many reasons why I shouldn’t; Duncan trusts me, he respects me and just give me the title of Thane Cowder. If I murdered him, the sin i made can never be forgiven. Nevertheless, when my wife questioned my manhood,and started mocking my fear, and then came up with a a plan for the murder,I couldn’t refuse. At first, I was afraid of that we would fail, but when my wife told me that if I have courage and don’t have cold feet, then everythind will go well according to the plan. I couldn’t resist my ambition of being the king of Scotland, especially when Duncan appointed his own son as his heir. I did this because I love Lady Macbeth , I have to be a man in front of her. I am a cold blood soldier anyway, there’s nothing can stand in my way if my strong ambitious mind instruct me to kill. Whatever happens will be because of chance. Later that night, I begin to see a dagger floating in the air, it points and lead me to Duncan’s room. When I hear the bell ring,signaling me from Lady Macbeth that everything is ready. I step out my room and head toward Duncan’s room to kill him.


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