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Nike Football Case

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- Partnership with social media platforms in major regions and countries: YouTube, FB, QQ, Vkontakte, StudiVZ, Naver, Mxit; 34 countries

- Nike-Football-Fan-Only video – gain followers for future marketing purpose

- Mass Media – TV: broadcast of the UEFA


- Community Football Training Center helping young South African footballers while providing HIV/AIDS education: further progress on CPR and rebranding; set itself as a role model; deepened both tangible and intangible impact of the main campaign

- “The Chance” digital global search for potential young football talents: raised global brand awareness especially in its targeted young customers (“American idol meets digital grassroots marketing”)

- Life Center: leverage Nike’s star players’ effect to the optimal

- Massive investments on national team sponsorship worked out

6. What did you like and not like about the 2010 Nike World Cup campaign, what would you have done differently?

- What I like about the campaign is its great timing – it completely blew competitors away and was inimitable.

- What I don’t like is, the emotional connection stopped at the football level – I would have promoted with additional commercials/clips online that introduce and market other Nike products in addition to professional footwear (since the world cup has become a worldwide all-age festival) as the supplement to the main campaign.

7. What are your thoughts on Nike's strategy and campaign around the 2014 World Cup in Brazil? (obviously this requires outside research)

- Nike introduced the commercial “Winner Stays On | Risk Everything”:

- Continuation of the “Write the Future” momentum

- Innovation on perspectives: the humanity side of athletes and games

- Fun and real: emotional connection with customers, especially young athletes, narrowing the gap between the audience and the game (and the brand)

- The creative IMC completely ambushed Adidas: most people thought Nike was the sponsor (and it was actually Adidas)

8. Thoughts on where Nike Futbol goes from here and continued growth looking ahead to 2018 World Cup in Russia.

- Nike now has higher bargaining power to acquire sponsorship right for World Cup (or at least sponsor Russian National Team, e.g.).

- Nike can also consider a more aggressive move in kids and women football market.

- Other than professional sports wear, Nike may enlarge on athleisure wears to further profit from the market (and/or elaboration with fashions).


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