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Martin Luther King Jnr.

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Why I selected the leadership style

I selected servant leadership as well as authentic leadership style for Martin Luther King Jnr because he was a great leader who listened and understood the will of the people behind him. He was realistic spoke the language of the followers. He also anticipated the consequences of the decisions he made. I also selected the styles because Martin Luther King Jnr created more trust with the followers and that is what contributed to the success of the civil rights movement.

Appropriateness of the styles exhibited by the leader

The leadership styles I chose for Martin Luther King Jnr were appropriate because it led to the liberation of the African Americans as the Civil rights movement was a success. The leadership styles were appropriate because they involved no violent methods. Martin Luther King Jnr in his major speech I have a dream emphasized on the need for peace (Bass & Riggio, 2006). The leadership styles were also appropriate because Luther King valued diverse opinions, he helped the African Americans on life issues and though about the followers and not about himself. He was self-aware and lead the people with his heart. He had a vision of liberating the African Americans and was very transparent hence making the leadership styles to be appropriate.


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