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Incoming Global Community Development Program

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Departmental Key points for Improvement:

1. Member Engagement

2. Communication from TL/VP down to members

3. TL-Member Working Culture

4. Member Motivation

5. Lack of Team and Department Meetings

6. Product Knowledge and Sales Capacity Building

Newie Suggestions

- Constant Communication with the top level managers to the members

- Department Chart (Ops Booklet, Manual for Newies)

- Build stronger Entity Partnerships

Departmental Key Positive Remarks

1. VP and TLs are inspiring

2. There is a good bonding culture

Notable Suggestions:

1. Better Marketing for the Philippines to make Winter Peak happen

2. More Raises

3. Member Engagement

4. International Relations

Name of Accounts Manager: Klein Chesler Y. Yutankin

Accounts Manager’s Advice:

iGCDP’s results last year is very evident, not much Raises and not much Exchanges were made. It is evident in the members; there is a lack of member drive and a lack of follow through in terms of leadership and tasks. Furthermore, there is an evident lack of Sales Capacity and Product Knowledge to the members. These bottlenecks can be solved in simple ways, Sales Capacity Building together with iGIP and BD, Sales Training, and most of all follow through and good CRM. A simple Cold Call party or Sales Blitz every month would be an efficient way to encourage and to drive the members to working, a mix of good working culture and environment, plus creating the best mindset for the members will guarantee a good number of Raises. Furthermore, training the TLs and setting the proper JD to the members will bring good wonders. It is not enough to be inspiring and it is not enough for the name iGCDP to be good but we need to show it to the potential TNs we are tapping, the leaders need to walk the talk.


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