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Dave Ramsey's Total Money Make Over Review

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It stipulates that a disciplined savings culture is paramount to the process, and that putting aside funds for a rainy day is definitely the way to go. Emergencies are to be anticipated as they more likely to happen in the future, so the wise thing is to prepare for them, though not by being pessimistic. This author advises that it is not to be used for any purchases or personal entertainment. This fund is supposed to be a sum of three months household expenses, which would mean that in the event of any predicament, one is able to live off the savings comfortably in a three month period. To be safer, the author heads to suggest a 6 month period. This emergency fund is to be placed where it is easily accessible.

The reader is required to keep track of his or her debts, by placing them in a list arranged from the largest to the smallest. Making equal installments on every one of the obligations, and attending to the little ones with each additional dollar you can press from your financial plan would definitely make the load of debt lessen faster with time. Ramsey refers to this as the debt snowball.

The other thing the book promotes is planning for retirement. Retirement, as is explained, is not for when one quits a job, but when one is no longer able to fend for his income due to old age, this sometimes is required by law. Sparing 15% of income for retirement is a good step.

The next thing to do after all that is stated is to retain a certain amount of monthly income to meet the education costs of children especially their college fees beforehand.

Mortgage loans have proven to be a sore headache to most American families. The cost of owning a home for the family has drowned many in unwarranted debts. Ramsey corrects this by saying that each dollar in spending that can be discovered after upkeep, retirement, and school expenses are met ought to be utilized to make additional installments on the house payments. The key is to clear the loan as early as possible.

After finishing up the debt payments, a lot of monthly income will be at the disposal of the household involved in the Total Money Makeover program. The book progresses to commend investment options for what is left, instead of getting carried away with increased expenditure.

The underlying concept being emphasized by Ramsey throughout is the need to be frugal at the beginning of the program, this though can take longer to get out of depending on the personal goals and the amount of debt needed to be dealt with. The book is generously patched with tributes of individuals who have utilized the framework effectively.


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