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Workplace Diversity

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In order to properly procure the benefits that come with a diverse workforce and overcome any challenges that may arise as a result there are a few steps a company should undertake. Firstly, an organization should free up some work time each week for team building activities so that employees can get to know each other on a deeper level. Fun activities such as bowling, or attending a sports event will increase communication and acceptance of individuals hailing from different cultures. There should also be mandatory sensitivity training meetings set up for employees and executives of the company. This will help to ensure that everyone in the workforce will be respected and treated with equal fairness. Most importantly, managers throughout the company need to be trained to resolve any diversity issues that may arise at any point throughout the year. They need to be able to put all their prejudices aside and solve conflicts without any repercussions as well as make sure every employee has the chance to be heard and speak their mind. A manager single-handedly has the ability to bring a diverse workforce together and with the right amount of support as well as training from the company a manager can play a major role in helping to increase productivity.

Diversity in the workforce is growing amongst many companies and the concept itself has become an increasingly important part of business in America. The advantages are plentiful and it has become a well-known fact that a company will only succeed if the employees involved are greater than the sum of their parts. Workplace diversity is known to increase productivity by fostering innovation and creativity as employees from different backgrounds bring different perspectives and outlooks to the company. With effective team collaboration and unbiased management a company can truly thrive with a diversified workforce.


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