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Vue De Monde Procurement Essay

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Working from the data produced in tutorial one, complete the following case study template.

Please only include as much information as required to give an overview of the organisation, and what will influence the procurement function.

Business Name / Logo

Vue De Monde



Rialto, Rialto Towers, 525 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Procurement Key Stakeholders

Head Chef, Restaurant Manager and Head Sommelier, as well as Shannon Bennet

Ethics and Values

Vue de Monde’s biggest value is sustainability. They strive to make as many components of the restaurants follow this. They source sustainable fish, organic food and run a carbon neutral kitchen. They try to source food and furniture from local suppliers. Energy efficiency is important to Vue De Monde with installing latest technology in order to help reduce that amount of unsustainable sources used. Recycling is used, with their tiles and cutlery being recycled. Production efficiency is achieved through not only reducing the amount of waste but water usage and suitable water drainage.

Menu Overview

They do seasonable menus to support the locality of their produce. It is a degustation menu. The menu often uses locations of the main ingredient, tying back to locally sourced ingredients. Great focus is placed on the culinary techniques in order to produce beautiful food that appeals to all senses.

Vue de Monde’s wine list is concentrated on vintages, in order to display the history of Melbourne wine regions. They suggest wine pairing in order to enjoy the meal, but also offers individual recommendations from the sommelier to be suited to each individual.

In the bistro they make a point of wanting every customer to have the opportunity to develop their wine knowledge despite budget.

One of the café caters for different dietary requirements.

The café mentions where they source their coffee blends from. 

Resources (Key Info)

  • Well established kitchens, with advanced technology
  • With multiple kitchens, there is an assumption there is multiple procurement teams involved, at the very least, multiple staff involved.
  • Due to their fish being mentioned as sustainably sourced, it is possible that they may have multiple people responsible for researching a supplier for some of the main ingredient.
  • High possibility of sourcing directly from farmers and producers.

Any other info

  • Value sustainability highly, with growing majority of their fresh produce
  • Tries to educate their customers with information on what process they use in order to achieve sustainability.
  • Coffee blends are exclusively crafted by five senses.
  • A member of various highly prestigious culinary-oriented associations


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