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Madonna on Pay-Per-View

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With the competition of young stars on the rise, Madonna must find measures to maximize each opportunity she has to build profits. She should incorporate Pay-Per-View programming into her business strategy and promote marketing that attracts viewers at all levels of fandom. Also, Madonna and her team must identify key success factors that will subsidize album sales and cut setup costs for each concert.

Alternative Recommendations

An alternative recommendation would be switching her focus from the performance aspect to the production and directorial aspects of the industry. She also has several other ventures in her portfolio that she could turn to including her clothing line “Material Girl” ("Material Girl Collection," n.d.) or her chain of “Hard Candy” fitness centers ("Home | Hardcandy Fitness," n.d.).


Madonna’s business strategy has taken her from rock bottom to rock star. Her ability to transition from overall album sales to live performances has been outstanding. However, with the competition of new and younger talent on the rise, she must find ways to keep her shows in demand and available to fans. Pay-Per-View programming provides these opportunities.



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