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"do It" Gym

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1) N.ergo is a local competitor operating Abay Str. We wanted to search for further information of this gym, but we couldn't find much more. And we think that this gym has no differences among the other gyms. One of the biggest disadvantages is lack of advertisement, and also they have no web-site. But they have flexible season ticket. (

2) Advantage of "My Fitness" gym is that they located in residential complex, which is comfortable to those who live there. Also. they have a good quality equipment. But they advertising campaign is poor, there is not enough information in the web-site. (

3) Banzai is a local chain that has different types of training offers, and one of them is located near ours. They are enough popular in Almaty, and experienced people know about them. Also they have big, wide territory with many simulators. They open at 6 o'clock and close at 23 o'clock, that can be also counted as advantage. One of the disadvantages of them is that they have strict rules. For example, if you have forgotten or lost your season ticket, you couldn't reestablish it. Also, they haven't something unique. (

SWOT analysis


- More available simulators

- All simulators are in good condition

- Very impressive service

- Available Octagon in which customers may improve their fighting skills

- Available literature about how to correct train

- Available vaporarium

- Pleasant conditions in dressing room bath and toilets

- Helpful stuff

- Our season ticket is available, and has not much restrictions


- We just beginners, have no authority

- Do not have qualified trainers

- More oriented to men than women

- Small amount of capital


- In future purchase stimulators from high quality producers

- That our gym will attract competitors’ customers

- That we will have chain of gyms

- We will develop sport types which nowadays Kazakhstan does not have


- One of gyms will copy our conditions

- Other gyms will attract our customers

- People will not recognize us

- Other gyms will attract our trainers

- Customers will harm stuff in inventory

In summary, we want to say that nowadays gyms allure customers only by prices, not by services they provide, these services aren't different between each other. We combine available prices and unique services, such as pool and vaporarium. And by this we will try to be better than competitors to our customers.


Disclose marketing segment

We follow personal consumer market strategy, because our gym is oriented mainly to those people, who want to train themselves and who care about their health.

We use informative advertising, because we're new gym company in the market, and we inform people about opening of "DO IT".

We benchmark our prices and services to those of competitors to find ways to improve our quality and performance.

Target market

In Kazakhstan, gyms are gaining popularity, not only among young people, but also among adults. So, in the territory of our country so many gyms are opened. And our "Do It" gym is not a exception. Like a majority of gyms, we want to provide our service to people of all ages, and since we have a deviation to mix-fighting, fans of this kind of sports also will be our target customers. And, as the other gyms, our doors are always open for those who want to improve their physical and spiritual health.


Training (no time limit)

Training (with individual instructor and nutritionist)

Training (with pool and vaporarium attendance)

Training of mix-fight only

All inclusive

1 month

10.000 kzt

13.000 kzt

15.000 kzt

10.000 kzt

20.000 kzt

4 month

25.000 kzt

28.000 kzt

30.000 kzt

25.000 kzt

35.000 kzt

8 month

50.000 kzt

53.000 kzt

55.000 kzt

50.000 kzt

60.000 kzt

1 year

75.000 kzt

78.000 kzt

80.000 kzt

75.000 kzt

85.000 kzt


Before starting advertising campaign, we see that social networks like "vkontakte" ( became so popular in Kazakhstan, especially in Almaty, since this city has the biggest population across Kazakhstan. And we are going to fully use this opportunity and promote our "Do


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