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International Management

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- What would be the key aspects of the performance management and appraisal system you would put in place in Santa Nueva? What controls would be critical? (50pts)

- I would have 6 aspects for my system in Santa Nueva.

- My first would be a planning and expectation setting meeting with my managers to discuss what we would like to do in a certain time frame. This allows for the managers to understand how they need to manage their employees in their section of the company.

- Second, would be monitoring. This allows for shift leads to take a leadership role and overlooking others to make sure everything is getting done.

- Third, would be development and improvement. Growing and improvement is how a company can move forward and increase profit. I believe you have to spend money to make money, so the more invested in development and improvement the more likely to increase potential profit.

- Fourth, is periodic Rating. I would have a monthly periodic meeting with the managers and a quarterly meeting with employees. This allows me to be a part of everything and for me to be able to give back constructive criticism.

- Fifth is rewards and compensation. If things are getting done to expectation, then rewards for my employees should be given for their hard work they put in. This allows me to show employees that hard work does pay off.

- Last is Planning and Expectation setting. This is the first and last so you can review how everything started and ended, can see what work and what did not, what should we change and what should remain the same.


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