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Transition Strategies for Sustainability

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12. Take the best decision in favor of all the stakeholders. According to Fury, when you are facing the most powerful people in the world, you should not take orders if you don’t believe them.

Rationale for choosing the movie

For our analysis of non-competitive strategies in a real-time situation, our team chose The Avengers movie.

- We chose a popular, well-known movie so that people can understand the strategy and outcomes better.

- We chose this movie as the dichotomy of good versus evil was clearly marked by having the destructive army and the defending superhero team.

- Also, the superhero movie tries to enforce good morals in the audience and hence there are very few ‘gray areas’ or ambiguous decision areas in this movie. This also allowed us to clearly point out the objective of the alien army and superhero team.

- The plot of the movie involves war and hence there are some good strategic decisions taken in the movie that can be extrapolated to business strategy.

- The characters in the movie are simple, there are not much complex relations or constraints for the characters and hence understanding the outcomes of a strategy are easier.

Performance Indicators

Identifying and setting of Key Performance Indicators (abbreviated as KPI) is important for the strategic planning process and plays a crucial role in the measurement of progress of the organization towards the attainment of its planned goals.

Meeting the objectives set by these performance indicators is one way of ensuring the project is going as planned.

The Objectives and corresponding Performance Indicators in this movie were:


Performance Indicators

- Acquire custody of the ‘Tesseract Stone’ with minimum damage

- Information gained from Tesseract stone’s location.

- Time is taken to have a secure stone.

- Expense incurred (including damages and loss of lives)

- Restrain Loki (antagonist) from opening gateway

- Locate Loki

- Confine Loki till Tesseract stone is found

- Secure human population from attacks

- Number of people safely evacuated

- Number of buildings damaged

- Time is taken to respond

- Close the gateway to outer worlds

- Shutdown machine to open gateway to outer world in the least time

- Perfect Coordination among super hero team

- Ensure seamless communication

- Reduce number of disputes

- Recruit candidates for exact requirements


The team was designed in such a way that, every other member will fulfill the lacunae of each member. Everybody has different talents, only the correct direction to use their talents to achieve the objective needs to be determined.

Every person has different skills and different tools are needed by members. Thor’s strength is his hammer and his control over lightning. Dr. Banner can leverage his anger towards defeating the enemy. Stark is a genius level intellect that allows him to create a range of sophisticated inventions, most notably his Iron Man armor. Also possesses a keen business mind.. Barton works with bow and arrow and Romanoff with her manipulating skills. Captain America is an expert hand-to-hand combatant and a skilled martial artist in a number of disciplines; he is also a master strategist, acrobat, and pilot, with training in various military disciplines. He is fluent in Russian, German, and possibly other languages[pic 4]. At the same time, every member had some differences, but due to the good support of each member, the differences were negated. Nobody was blamed because of their differences, but rather they worked together.

After initial differences, the team work together and found the Tesseract and caught Loki. Throughout the story, the role of Barton and Romanoff was not clear. But, they were crucial in building the team and keeping the team aligned to the mission. The team was designed for a perfect coordinated mission.

Tools and Techniques

In the case of Avengers the team was blessed with super-powers either in terms of physical prowess or a tactical mind. Some even had the strong support of technology and capital. This helped them have a confident mindset and gave them a competitive advantage over their enemy-Loki.

In real life situation, the problem elements remain true. An organization needs certain tools and techniques to help it develop and grow and not be perished in the course of time due to negative externalities. For such conditions an organization needs:

- Capital investment

- Technological support

- Innovation

- Strategic management and decision-making

- Out of the box thinking

- Niche market segment


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