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The Pharmaceutical World Has Been Rocked by Massive Change in the Last Decade

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Next, probing. Asking questions in order to uncover some more needs specific to your customer that might not have been received in preapproach. The doctors body language, questions and objections raised give the best insight as well as clear indication about his level of interest in your product.

Now the main act ie, Detailing: it the science and skill of formulating and delivering a compelling, innovative and efficient story highlighting the key elements of the drug in such a way that is appealing to the doctor to an extent where he prescribes it to his patients.

In order to receive maximum mileage in the shortest possible time the Mr must be able to create the perfect brand image, his story must be the right mix of scientific info, quality of product as well as manufacturing process. (Clinical trials,etc)

Now this, we are well aware of: here are some tips to hone your selling skills and pointers to kep in mind while deailing:

1)Text: 75% of what we know comes visually so having the right visual aid is most important. May be facilitated by use of pointers or any such so that doc can concentrate on whats exactly being shown and told.

2)Voice: Its not what you said but HOW you said it. Voice must have good clarity, audibility, appropriate tone, modulation, timing as well as pauses. Modulation gives punch to the story as well as emphasis.

3)Eye contact: Mainintaining good eye contact shows the level of confidence of the MR as it requires a lot of human elements to do so. It helps to generate interest as well as gauge the interest of the doctors.

4)Body Language: BL or NVC speaks volumes. Confident bl increase power of detailing, reading of bl of the customers gives feedback which is vital to mould the detailing.

5)Listening: Listen to the remarks and address the objections. Detailing must be a two way road.

6) Time management: Docs give time to MR acc to what he deserves and not what he needs. Detailing must be crisp and to the point w/o fumbling or self-contradiction.

So let me illustrate with a small video clip with one of favourite actors- Wolf of Wall street

Okay so, now that we know what we need to do on our part what will be the plan of action incase the doctor raises an objection? –Enter Nessica-


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