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Infographic Essay

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be lesser than their male counterparts, thus making it “acceptable” to pay these hard working women less than men. This further perpetuates gender inequality not only in the workplace, but all over the world.

“Maybe if women worked harder, they can be as successful as men.”

Is that really the case? Or are they being held back by an intangible idea? A powerful woman is a scary, threatening woman. This stereotype leads to women either being scared to excel in the workplace or scared to ask for a promotion or pay raise. This stereotype furthers the gender pay gap even more. If women weren’t told to be silent and to not fight male power, the wage gap would not exist. Yet, it still exists, even in America. Due to fear of asserting power, a woman could lose around $430,000 of lost wages by the age of sixty-five, more than the average cost of a house in America (The White House Summit on Working Families). This fact struck me by surprise. I was not at all expecting women to be losing that many wages throughout their professional career, and it honestly disgusted me to know that this still happens in America.

Throughout the world, the pay gap still exists. The pay gap is not a myth. It is a very real concept that affects women all over the world and inhibits women from chasing their dreams and truly succeeding in the workplace. In order to stop this (before 2152), the world needs to realize that women are just as hardworking as men - maybe even more.


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