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Gmo Product Labeling

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Although there are many pros and cons to labeling GMOs, it is much more important to look at the bigger picture of what is really going on. It is not a war on the food industry; it is only a proposal to work with the food companies to gain a certain understanding when it comes to labeling foods and other products if they contain GMOs or are organic. In the broader perspective, the pros of labeling outweigh the cons.

No one knows for certain yet whether GMOs have a negative effect on the human body, and as of today not many people honestly care about it. However, people deserve to know what is in the food products that they are buying. Being given the knowledge of what chemicals their food has been subjected to can give consumers a sense of reassurance about what they are putting into their bodies. The argument of why food labeling should be mandated is not an argument of if GMOs are bad, but the ability to know what is in the food and where it came from. I propose that the FDA should require food product labeling in order for consumers to be able to make their own decisions. People deserve to know what it is they are buying and what is in the products they consume. You could help mandate GMO labels by writing to your representatives in Congress. The time for action to improve food labels is now!


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