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Uv Anachem Instructions

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The cuvette shaft cover may also be cleaned. However, it is important not to soak the cover in cleaning agent. Instead, lift the cuvette shaft cover with one hand. With the other hand, hold the cover at the height of the locking pin and pull the cover to the right at a 90° angle until the locking pin has been removed. Clean the cover with a cloth or lint-free cotton swab dampened with a mild cleaning agent. To reassemble the cuvette, slide the locking pin back into the housing as far as it will go—until the locking pin has completely disappeared into the housing. Furthermore, when the spectrophotometer is not being used, close the cuvette shaft using the cuvette shaft cover to protect it from dust and other contaminants.

Disinfection and decontamination

If the spectrophotometer becomes contaminated with microorganisms, perform the following steps for disinfection and decontamination. First, clean the device with a mild cleaning agent before disinfection. It is important to choose a disinfection method that corresponds to the legal regulations and guidelines in place for your particular application and organization. Second, wipe the surfaces with a cloth you have moisturized with the chosen disinfectant, which is usually an alcohol-based solution. Next, wipe with a cloth you have moistened with the disinfectant. You should also disassemble and clean the cuvette shaft as described above.

Checking the components

To measure accuracy and precision, place the blank filters and sample filters into the cuvette shaft. The output absorbance values measured for the test filters should then be compared to the permitted range of values. For individual filters, the limit values for the permitted area are printed in a table on the lid of the filter box.

It is also necessary to check the spectrometer unit’s wavelength systematic error as part of routine maintenance. To check the wavelength system, measure the absorbance of the three test filters at a corresponding wavelength (260 nm, 280 nm, 800 nm) to determine the coefficient of variation for the entire set at each wavelength.


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