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Significance of the Plea Bargain

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the process of the plea bargain.

“Skeptics of plea bargaining also argue that the criminal justice system had became too soft on criminals by allowing for lighter sentencing in exchange for a guilty plea”. McConnell, M. (n.d.). Plea Bargaining Pros And Cons.

Another disadvantage is the fact the judge has the final say in whatever the prosecutor may have offered. The toughest right taken away is the defendant will have a full trail and once they have signed the plea agreement they no longer have the right to plead not guilty for a appeal later. The criminal system as a whole doesn’t suffer from the plea bargain only the prosecution or defendant, without the plea bargain the system will be even more crippled.

The plea bargain is used in about 90 percent of criminal cases in American society courts. It is an mutual understanding between both the prosecutor and defendant with little to none interaction of the judge except ruling. The process is not a perfect one therefore has several pros and cons and raises the brow of society and victims. Whether true justice is being served for either side the defendant and victim. The plea bargain is used because it works and in most jurisdictions very good at solving the case.


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