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Feminism Essay

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This essay speaks of what feminism is as well as how it arose and on which it is mainly based.

The fact that many take feminism as mockery does not help. Feminists are now called "feminazis" and give them a bad reputation.

When we speak of feminism is generally understood as a counterpart of machismo. Not only is machismo an issue to be addressed because feminism is what is fashionable.

It is understood as feminism the social movement that grants women equal capacity and the same rights as men.

It is also the equality or equality that women seek to be recognized with the same rights and abilities that man possesses.

Its main characteristic is the desire to improve the position of women in society.

Taking into account the different points mentioned above, I will now cite several relevant data throughout the essay, noting my point of view.


"It is a movement that requires men and women to have the same rights. It grants the feminine gender capabilities previously reserved only to men. "



It is an ideology and a set of political, cultural and economic movements that aims at equality of rights between men and women.

Feminism as a collective movement of women arises in France with the French revolution. Publications were made of books where the intellectual capacity of women was underestimated. These publications were made by men which gave rise to the problem.

Machismo is the father of feminism.

"Machismo is the expression derived from the word macho, defined as the attitude of arrogance of men with respect to women."

Machismo is the tendency to think more about the superiority of the man on the woman, they are cultural ideas that are fomented since we are children with respect to which the woman must dedicate itself completely to the house and the man to maintain the family. Both sexes have the right to choose how they want to live their lives.

It is one of the oldest actions of man and has been endured by women to this day. Despite the evolution we believe in, even in our society there are machist actions at work, religion and society in general.

Many people refer to feminism or feminist women as


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