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Employee Relation

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- Establish two way communication.

Communication is the main way to understand someone message properly. It may be oral or written communication. In an organization mostly used oral communication to maintain their routing basis activities. Two way communication is important to receiver as well as sender to prove correct information are gained by the receiver. Mr suresh has obligation to make aware of the estimated production output, Standards and assign task individually to accomplish set target. Then if there are any barriers or obstacles subordinates can inform to their immediate supervisor. Then supervisor can make remedies and option to implement again to accomplish set objectives well.

- To inform any inconvenience regarding production and employees.

While working in the production floor can be happened any causes regarding unnecessary something to the production floor.then immediate supervisor responsible to inform anything can be affected to the routing production floor, to the responsible parties further action or reestablish their standards. Then most of cases will solve at the 1st stage that surface. Otherwise small case will become a dispute, then disputes will became industrial disputes. That will affect to the whole organization and sometime industry also.

Question number 02

According to the second question concentrate situation which can be applied counseling techniques effectively. In here some situations clearly identified to apply the counseling techniques. According to the theory of the counseling there are some factors to need counseling.

Before moving to the case hereby theory regarding counseling concept to make aware of the concept.

Counseling can be defined as “the process of providing help and support to the employees to sail through difficult times in their life, as well as a supportive process to help the employees define and work through personal problems or organizational changes that affect his performance”

Considering the concept there are several ways to need counseling to the people.

- Mental and emotional

- Health and physical

- Personality

- Marital, Sexual and family

- Social and financial

- Drug and alcohol

- Vocational problems

Because of these factors counseling techniques can be apply to make a better solution. If we consider objectives of counseling can figure out as follows,

- To clarify important factors in life

- To work with inner sources

- To explore thoughts and meanings

- To support at time of crisis

- To work through stuck issues

- To reach better solution

In addition to the counseling factors there are three type of counseling techniques can be applied in the process. These are,

- Directive counseling

- Non-directive counseling

- Co-operative counseling

Briefly description about counseling techniques one by one.

- Directive counseling

Directive counseling is the process of listening to a member’s problem, deciding with the member what should be done, and then encouraging and motivating the person to do it. This type of counseling accomplishes the function of advice, but it may also reassure, give emotional release, and to a minor extent, clarify thinking.

- Non-directive counseling

Nondirective, or client centered, counseling is the process of skillfully listening to a counselee, encouraging the person to explain bother some problems, and helping him or her to understand those problems and determine courses of actions. This type of counseling focuses on the member, rather than on the counselor as a judge and advisor, hence it is client centered. This type of counseling is used by professional counselors.

- Co-operative counseling

This approach is more suitable in the instances where employees will not accept directive counseling and the employee/employer will not be able to afford non-directive counseling mainly due to the cost. In such situation, the mixture of both methods is used to address such cases to bring about the solutions. Cooperative counseling is more practically applicable and more readily suitable to managerial attitude and temperament than the other two.

To solve maters in counseling there is a process to identify and make solutions. There are 03 main processes involved with the counseling process and the application counselor’s skill varies according to the situations at different time.

- Understanding

- Challenging

- Resourcing

Phase 1- Understanding

It is very important for the client to clarify define the problem as he or she currently perceives it. It is the responsibility of the counsellor to see and understand the problem as client sees it and this certain skills and attitudes from the part of the counsellor.

Phase 2- Challenging

The counsellor will challenge the client to reconsider his perception of the situation in order to re define the problem, finding the resources needed to implement the solution. This involve re defining and re starting the problem in a way that allows a situation to the problem. This process achieves a shift in thinking. The counsellor needs to probe and penetrate the issues so that you can both arrive at a clearer understanding of the real situation as opposed to the perceived one.

Phase 3- resourcing

Involves in developing different options or alternative courses of action to overcome the problems. Here the counsellor will offer the assistance that is needed to solve the problems. Whenever possible the counsellor will allow the client to draw his or her own resources and strengths and acts as a guide


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