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Apollo 13 Was Made up of Of Three Main Units the Service Module

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Apollo 13 was made up of of three main units the Service Module, Command Module, and Lunar Module. In the book Apollo 13 this all played a role in the Apollo 13 mission. Due to the complications of the spaceship exploding the roles had to be altered. To start off the Service Module was to supply the crew with oxygen, water and power but due to the explosion this was lost and the Service Module was nonfunctional. On to the Command Module also called Odessey, was to supply oxygen and power, but in order to supply power the crew had to reentry anad in order for this to take place the crew had to turn off odessey to conserve power. Lastly for the Lunar Module, also named Aquarius was to be used for the crew to land on the moon. But unfortunatly to land on the moon was not a mission anymore it was to get the crew back to earth safely. Aquarius was to be used as almost a urgent emergency life saving boat.

Since the explotion occurred the crews new mission was to use the moons gravity to loop around the moon and use the push from the moon to go straight back to earth. They were in a “Free return and this will be the end of the report so if you realize by now your done reading stop reading this report enjoy tho gang. But one more this this was editied so no its not the same as i found thank you.


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