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Plato’s Theory of Metaphysics: Dualism

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where “all is one and one is all”. Both are dependent on the idea of “life and light”

however. A substantial example of “life and light” in both the “World of Becoming” is the Sun.

The Sun governs and a prime example of “life and light” in the material world. This is important

due to the Sun being the a primary source that helps us perceive our physical world as it

“provides light and fuels life”. Whilst in the “World of Being”, the “Good” is considered to be

the prime example of “light and life” within the immaterial world. The “Good” as it is referred to

by Plato, is derivative based on the idea of justice. The “Good” governs the source of all

“intellectual light” and “spiritual life”. What can be taken from this analogy is this; The sun

provides us the capacity to experience the physical world with life and light and thus we are

either privy or condemned to undergo the course of nature within it. In return without the

“Good” we as humans would not be able to experience knowledge itself as it is as Plato argues

“the cause that drives knowledge and truth.” However, a common ground that both of these

concepts share is that they are both sovereignty over their respective worlds.

From my research I have drawn upon this conclusion on Metaphysical Dualism. While

the flesh is temporary, the mind is eternal. However, that which can be perceived though the

senses is dependent on the mind. In exchange though, the body houses the mind and the

capability to share ideas with one another. Perhaps one has more influence then the other,

perhaps not. Perhaps the we as humans are truly experiencing our own realities and we are able to harmonize these realities. Or maybe we all share one reality and we are experiencing it in our own way. Is it absolute to say that “all is one and one is all” or does that idea only

enforce the idea that one can become the other and thus change? This in itself, is Metaphysical Dualism.


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