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Why Emily Murphy Should Be Senator?

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Why Emily Murphy should be Senator.

to: 21 SUSSEX DR Canada Ontario                                                                                                                                   from: 28 SUSSEX DR Canada Ontario

                                                                                        January 7, 1916

        Hello Mckenzie king this letter is to show that Emily murphy should most definately be a senator Emily murpy should be senator because, She is an author giving her great ideas and more imaginative are due to her writing. When you write it is a way of speaking so it helps. She also is a activist for women lowering rage from women. She can grow up to be someone like Mary Shadd Cary the notorius newspaper editor, or the well know activist ,radio host, and political leader Thérèse Casgrain and many more. She has also done many good thinks like the Dower act protecting a women's right to share 1/3 of her husbands property. She also        has done the sufferage movement and apart a club,council,and institutes (the Canadian Women's Press Club, the National Council of Women of Canada, the Federated Women's Institutes of Canada) that are known for doing great things. Emily had many law including relatives like two supreme court judges and a newspaper owner founding relative the first Orange Order. She is a great activist and author but, could be a better judge. She most definately will be your best decision if you choose her to be senator.




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