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Little Princess Questions and Answers

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Q: How were you able to maintain your relationship with your school friends when they had so much more than you?

A: Sometimes I wondered how they still enjoyed my company when I was a maid. Lottie and Ermengrade were faithful friends and still visited me even though they would be in trouble if they were caught. There were times where I thought they wouldn't want to be my friends because I was poor, but they always pulled through.

Q: How did feel with everybody telling you what to do and being so harsh?

A: Everyone always was so horrible to me. I always was losing out on meals and any chance of free time. I had the hardest tasks that no one wanted to do. I always had to pretend that I was a princess to get through. I now know that it was a good learning experience.

Q: When “the magic” came how did you feel? Did you ever want to go find the person who did it for you and thank them?

A: when the magic came, I could really believe that I was princess. It made me feel so wonderful that there was someone out there who cared about me. I was also much happier and able to handle more. I wanted and didn't want to find out. It may have been selfish, but I thought that if I knew who it was, it would stop coming. On the other hand I wanted to thank them for making my life so much better.

Q: After your fortune how did you act? Did you try and help other misfortunate people?

A: After Mr. Carrisford returned my fortune to me, all I wanted to do was help others. The first thing I did was go to the bakery and ask the baker to give out buns to homeless people.


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