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The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

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the regime. They are all generalised again as either ‘a’ Commander, or ‘an’ Eye, or ‘an’ Angel, etc. There is no existence of different people; everyone is an exact replica of each other. This is shown through the clothes they wear which mark them as a commodity. Though men are also given uniforms, they are given military uniforms and this, to some extent, empowers them, making them seem as more powerful and superior to women.

Moreover, Gilead has taken away everyone’s names, taking away individuality from women therefore marginalising them even further. This leaves no room for the population to express themselves and no room for individuality as names are similar to “telephone number(s)”. Women assigned as Handmaids are given names that are “Of something” depending on the Commander’s name, treating them as if they are cattle and can be owned. They have no choice or say in choosing what it is that they will be assigned to. Though the regime was supposedly made in order to protect women from the apparent ‘social evils’ in society, for example porn and rape; it has done the exact opposite where women’s lives are far worse, being treated as mere objects, taking away their individuality, and reducing them to only on aspect of themselves, that being their fertility.

In conclusion, the regime of Gilead has marginalised and silenced women and to some extent, men can be seen to be marginalised as well. Women are marginalised through them being grouped into different categories that they have been assigned to against their will and knowledge. They are given uniforms, their names replaced, their basic human rights taken away. These are all ways that the regime has marginalised and silenced women. Through all of this, the Gilead regime still believes that what they do is to protect women and ensure their safety in society.

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