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How Is John Alienated?

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John’s hate for soma is very apparent but this hate is not shared with anyone else. He feels that he is alone in wanting freedom for the citizens of the World State. The moral values of the World State are wrong according to John. He believes that everyone should have the right to be free. John knows he is alone in thinking this and he begins to feel alienated from the rest of society.

John also finds out about another social attitude that differentiates from his own. The B.N.W social attitude on media is different. When he is directed to visit Mustapha Mond in the controller’s study, he finds out that the society of the B.N.W is unable to read certain pieces of literature. Mustapha Mond explains to John that they have no use for old things in the society because they only want people to live in the present. “But the new ones are so stupid and humble. Those plays where there’s nothing but helicopters flying about and you feel the people kissing,” (Huxley 219). John is saying that new literature does not make you think about what you are reading unlike Shakespeare where you have to infer. This shows that the B.N.W has different social attitudes on what kind of media they allow the public to view. Whereas John thinks that it is downright stupid that it is prohibited just because it is old literature. The social attitude that the world State has implemented about literature makes John feel alone in the sense that no one has been exposed to old literature except himself.

While John is living in the B.N.W, he is socially alienated as soon as he arrives. The savage culture and B.N.W social attitudes conflict with his life while he is living in both societies. John does not agree with many things implemented in the B.N.W society. These all further John’s social alienation and enhance the different social attitudes and moral values that the B.N.W society has adopted. This social alienation eventually helps lead to his suicide when he leaves the World State. Being exposed to these social attitudes and moral values changed John’s perspective on what the World has come to.


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