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Celebrities Higher Standard

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“Ellen DeGeneres might just be known as the most charitable person alive” said Cooper Lawrence from the she knows expert. We all may know Ellen DeGeneres from upcoming comedy or from playing Dory in Finding Nemo, and Finding Dori. But she is more than that. Ellen DeGeneres now host her own show named the Ellen DeGeneres show, where she goes out of her way to make people laugh and to show off the good in the world. But through all of that she also gives a helping hand where it is needed raises more than 50 million dollars since her show began.

Ellen DeGeneres raised more than 12 million dollars for breast cancer, more than $10 million for families affected by Hurricane Katrina and more than $21 million to individuals and their families that share their stories with her. Through her attitude, she has even had her audience donate more than $35 million dollars of their own. Ellen DeGeneres also supports charities such as ACLU of Southern California, Children’s Health Fund, Clothes Off Our Back, Feeding American and many more. Throughout all of her giving and caring. She has been awarded the Presidential Freedom Award, which was given to her by our former president the honorable Barrack Obama.

As you can see, there are two completely opposite sides on this celebrity spectrum. On the one side, you can see prominent figures in today’s pop culture doing a lot of less than suitable things. On the other side of the of the spectrum we see celebrities who truly care about the benefit of others, and work towards that end. This brings us back to our original question. Should all celebrities be held to a higher moral standard? When it comes to the possible, and often times definite influences it has on today’s youth, the answer is certainly yes. There is a great deal of good being done in the world. Unfortunately, this is more often than not overshadowed by the negative things that individuals do. We see it everywhere. It’s in our papers, televisions, radios, and of course our social media. Think about the study done by the students at Western Connecticut University. If the subjects that watched videos that supported drugs, violence, and the degradation of women acted more violently in hypothetical situations, why wouldn’t they act out violently in similar real life situations? The youth are, and always will be, our future. It is not just the responsibility of the parents, but of all, especially those that stand on a greater platform, to help influence the youth in a positive manner so that they can be positive contributors to society once they become of age.

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