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Akshaya Patra

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Q: What are the challenges faced while training the employees?

Q: How do you manage traffic in order to reach the destination in the specified time?

A: Actually we search the most suitable and short distance to reach the destination through Google map and on that basis we send our vehicles. We also find in which route more traffic signals are there. If we have less traffic signal then we send more vehicles in that route and vice versa.

Q: Do your employees get transferred to other units?

A: Yes, sometime we shift our employees to other location, but it largely depends on the requirement.

Q: How do you manage to retain your employees?

A: Actually, there salary is nominal but the additional facilities which we provide them like education to their children, medical assistance, and financial support for marriage so that they stay connected with our organization.

Q: How profitable is your organization?

A: Akshaya Patra works on funds provided by different corporate giants like Tata, Infosys. Tata provided 150 cr. and Infosys 50cr. The interest earned through these deposits is used for development purpose. After tenure of 5 years principle amount has to be returned, for this reason we are becoming self-sustained through Akshaya Nidhi, a subsidiary to Akshaya Patra runs a canteen which is for profit to different corporates and other associations, through which we manage to sustain ourselves in this competition.

After the questionnaire session we had delicious lunch at Isckon Prasadam.

What we learnt was immense, from process driven to automation the unit had it all. It was a wonderful experience.


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