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A New Language

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Margarita Fernandez


Margarita Fernandez

February 07, 2017

¨ A new Language¨

Learning something new can be a good experience. One of the hardest things was change my city that brought me the most difficult experience of my life because I had to go through difficult things to learn a new language. I always thought that learning English would not be important due to I lived in Mexico, but one day things changed and my parents made the decision to move house in order to have a better future and better quality of life. That's when I realized the real importance of learning English and I decided to put effort and make me a more confident person.

New experiences make me nervous and my first day of school was no exception. After have had a long weekend of moving house my first day of school arrived in the United States. That day was definitely one of the hardest of my life as I was going through something totally different because I had never been in that situation of not knowing speaking teachers, who were teaching or what they wanted me to say, so that day was totally a failure for me.

When I arrive at school I was very nervous because I really did not know anything did not even know where they were my classes, but in any case I had to make to communicate with someone like to speak to a girl who was passing and asked for help, I remember she kindly helped me to find my classes. In my first class all looked at me as if someone was different because I figured it was late, well that want to think, but that was no reason to feel bad so I continued walking toward to my chair. Later I had a class where absolutely all my classmates spoke Spanish and I told ¨God I am so lucky¨ this is where I make friends and indeed not long when everybody started talking to me and sincerely in that class felt like I was in Mexico. Everything was perfect until it comes to a class where my teacher made me feel the worst person, the teacher behaved very badly with me since I knew he did not speak English, I remember that from your class and directs me towards her and when I said I came from Juarez and did not know English she took a negative attitude and told me that ending the class wanted to talk to me and from that moment I knew that she was going to do my torment and definitely do not wrong because that was she told me many things that I point of view I behaved in a very racist way just for being Mexican, that's when I felt the worst person that made me feel less than other students so that day comes very discouraged at my house and told to my mom that I no longer wanted to go to school that I wanted to bring me back to Juarez, where I had my friends, my family, my home and my life.


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