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Aplha C Autobiography

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tradition cause we were only there once since we just moved. We also always get the fourth of July themed sugar cookies.

So I’m skipping August and September and going straight to the thirty first of October. We don’t dress up for Halloween and go trick or treating but we do give out candy. Last year though we did dress up because we were with people who have never went trick or treating before. We also decorate the house and try and make it look scary but not too scary.

In November we celebrate Thanksgiving and we of course make our ham and turkey, which is always the best. Every year the three of us take turns and bake the meals. Last year my sister Jessie came down so Justin and Jessie cooked the meals. We also watch the Macy’s Day parade that is live in New York. They always have the best Balloons and skits for each one.

The last month of the year! This is my favorite month; it’s just so cheerful and full of joy and cold. I love the cold. Before the 25th is Christmas Eve, we always open one present and make cookies that night for “Santa”. We listen to Christmas carols all of that month and also decorate the house together as a family a couple weeks before Christmas. We all buy each other presents and are so excited to open the Christmas morning. My grandpa also comes every Christmas before we open presents so he can watch and open his own.


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