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A Woman Who Has Never Rebelled Against Nature

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about it or break down due to that. She told that the person that keeps her going and inspire her as a role model is her own aunt. She learnt a lot from her. With a bright face expression and fast reaction, she told her inspiration to be this positive is her aunt (Sarjit Kaur) which is from her father’s side. As she told, “my aunt would always give good advice and positive feedbacks,”

I have noticed that this woman does not only keep the positivity in herself, but she projects it to others. As she smiled at me, making an eye contact, she said, “I believe in law of attraction. Why should I be negative when being negative to others doesn’t benefit me! Especially, after a long delay, the positivity will fight against the negativity of others, and they will realize that being negative doesn’t bring any good.” As she told that, it is clearly seen that she is ever willing to help and motivate people without hesitating. As quoted from someone that have been inspired by her, one of her working clique, Swaran Kaur said, “your mother is a very good friend. She is a gem of a person. It is very tough to find people like that these days. She has never give me any wrong or negative advice, not even once. She would always say never mind, God is there.”

As she was staring into at the blank television screen, she said, “I don’t see any reason to neglect negativity.” She does not neglect negativity, as what she said, looking deep down my eyes, leaning backwards towards the purple sofa which was designed with variety of flowers, “I would look at negativity at its core and find out the reason to why it is negative. This is where I balance negativity and positivity to make positive outcomes happen, I learn from experiences.” Knowing all these positiveness which has been portrayed by this matured woman, she does break down. As tears was rolling down her cheeks, I could see the agony deep down in her eyes, she said, “ I do break down when it comes to financial issues, as I am the only bread winner for my family. It worries me when I fail to pay back loans and debts. But, I have never let that to bring me down.”

As she wiped her tears with both her palms, she stared at the green wall opposite her, she told, “I break down when it comes to family members who are not doing too well, in a way that they are suffering to fight life. I can’t see them suffering or being in pain. It is because I am too attached to them and I am brought up together with them, where we shared everything including clothes and food. I feel very helpless because I am in financial crisis until I can’t help them.” She has her own way to break down. Her main concern when she breaks down is that no one knows or sees her breaking down. She does not like it when people sees her breaking down. As she used her bright red t – shirt to wipe her tears that was on her cheeks and accumulated in her eyes which was waiting to flow, she told, “ I will just sit one corner and cry until I am satisfied, so that no one can disturb me. But, I have never ever tried harming myself or others, neither have I tried to commit suicide.”

As I watched her having overwhelmed optimism in her, I am the result of that optimism, I tend to follow and admire it. In general, everyone has to fight in life, but just in a different aspect. When it comes to negative, challenging or disappointing situations, normal humans will tend to be maladapted towards these situations. Maladapted in a sense that one will change to be a negative person and very pessimistic which is not really healthy. In this situation, one might be psychologically and emotionally affected. These people might end up indulging their selves in illegal, unethical, or negative activities. Activities such as, taking drugs, or selling drugs, committing suicide, and smoking or drinking until they lose their sense. This is not a story or fairytale, but it is a fact and reality of a person that has never quit or gave up in life, knowing the fact that she has been “tortured” by life or nature. Despite knowing she is a woman and supposed to be feminine by nature, she never showed that characteristics towards nature or life. She has been fighting in the battle of life. She has been fighting against everything that has come into her way and blocked her way from surviving.


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