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Privatization in Mexico

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Privatization in Mexico

Natural Resources are a very important part of what makes a country. They can be anything from beautiful beaches to precious metals. One of the big questions surrounding natural resources is who should have the right to own them. To some, the answer is the government should have complete control of them. Other people think, however, that anyone that can afford to pay for them should be able to own these resources. These two points of view are being explored in Mexico today. In the past, Mexico had a policy that only the government could control the resources. Nowadays, our country is moving towards the privatization of natural resources. The answers to the question of who should own natural resources can be analyzed from the point of view of two philosophical schools, Utilitarianism and Libertarianism. We will analyze the arguments for and against privatization of natural resources from these two perspectives.

The people who argue in favor of privatization say that the government should only be concerned with taxes and not with the production of natural resources. One good counterargument to this idea comes from the Utilitarian doctrine. The Utilitarian doctrine states that the best action is that which brings the most benefit to most people. Therefore, the Utilitarian doctrine would respond that the government should be involved with the production of natural resources. If the government is involved with the natural resources, the government can spread the wealth that these resources produces to all the population. Therefore, the involvement of the government would bring the most benefit to most people and is the best course of action.

On the other hand, the Libertarian doctrine would respond that there should be almost no involvement from the government in natural resources. The Libertarian doctrine argues that the best action is the one that grants the most liberty to everyone. Using this doctrine, we would argue that the involvement of the government in the use of natural resources tramples over the liberties of the individual. In this case, the best course of action is that the government never gets involved with the management and production of natural resources.

A common argument for the privatization of natural resources is that the industries should be left alone, and the market will sort out the ownership of these resources. This is supported by the Libertarian doctrine. If the markets and companies are left alone by the government, this will increase the individual freedom of people. The Utilitarian response to this argument is completely the opposite. It is more beneficial for the government to get involved in the economy because that way it can spread wealth for all people in the form of infrastructure or services. The best course of action from the Utilitarian perspective is to have a government who is actively involved in the economy


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