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Church's Chicken - International Marketing Management

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The relationship of marketing between customers & Texas Chicken can be understood through the focus on communication strategies. TC implements strategies of communication to provide information & build trustful connection with its customers by the reduction of uncertainty among customers with the help of Theory & information seeking strategies. Even the TC customers also use information seeking strategies in the reduction of uncertainty about the products & services provided by Texas Chicken

(Trustful Business Relationship) The trust has become progressively interesting in terms relationships of business. the quickly changing competitive businesses have stimulated a large number of firms to become involved in trust building with their customers due to the high trust levels between parties will lead to reducing transaction costs & ambiguity in relationships of businesses.

TC use three types of strategies in marketing their products. They use short, medium & long term strategies to achieve their goals & objectives. Short term strategy starts from a minute to 6 months, Medium Strategies starts from 6 months to a year & the long term strategy mean 5 years or more.

In short term, TC tries to carry in improvement & make satisfy the day to day issues of customer & try to satisfy them.

In medium term new products are introduced each month this will lead to maximizing its sales & profits.

In long term, TC is planning to open new branches across the globe to maximize the sales & profits in upcoming years.

3.0 Application of theory to Practice

3.1 Objective:

- Prepare Market Entry Plan for Texas Chicken in Indian Market.

- Find out the potential opportunities & barriers using various models & tools

3.2Texas Chicken Introduction to Indian Market:-

Texas chicken spreading its wings to an Indian market.

An exclusive interview with Amar Sandhu, Vice President, Texas Chicken Restaurant India, talks about their plan to enter in Indian Fast food Market.

3.3 Market Entry Plan India:-

The TC American Fast food chain is about to enter in India. As India has a rich in the culture of culinary & love for great food quality. The 65 Years of Texas Chicken’s tradition in the QSR category of chicken, combined with serving only great taste by inflexible pursuit & high-quality food. The company has believed that their brand will boom well with in the Indian market. Company has focused especially among the uncompromising population who are having always focus on the lookout for bold & exciting food experiences. Indian society wants hassle free service to match their busy lifestyles.

In the recent years culinary limitations have come down & the quality expectation in India has gone up. The timing to get enter in Indian market is right as there are exceptional growth opportunities are available.

The TC is aware of some details that motivate the company to enter in the Indian market. India after China is the world’s 2nd largest country by population after China. India’s population is four times more as compared to USA. India is the democratic nation in the world. Which means parliament made all the decisions, not by a dictator or one person, who can freeze assets for a company in terms emerging of bad relations.

Awareness of the brand is improving day by day. Improvement in literacy rate in the middle class is getting India to the larger economy. India is booming & is now counted in nations of (BRIC) which mean (Brazil, Russia, India& China). These are the future economic power due to the fastest developing countries. The reduction in the unemployment rate & flexibility in Laws for foreign businesses. These are the real facts which provide motivation to Texas Chicken to enter in fast food Indian Market.

3.4 Adaptation:

The Texas Chicken follows the strategy of adaptation of a product, As TCs slogan is (You Bring It Home) the best illustration for Adaptation strategy of TCs. In India beef not allowed to fry & cannot be used in burgers & fries Cutlets. Even positive aspect is TC deal only in Chicken & fish meals.

In the Middle East as they are Muslim countries the Bacon cannot be used & the pork products to eat it is against their religious belief. So where it operates, which product should use or not it is customized rendering to the people’s personal flavor of the specific country .Due to this adaptation, the Menu of TC will have differences in various countries.

3.5 Market Entrance Methods :-

The numerous diverse methods used when an International firm starts to open their industry of business in any country. This is done by wholly owned, Franchising, Joint Venture licensing ETC. But in India TC entry the international brand of Atlanta-based Church’s Chicken, is pleased to open its first TC restaurant at Hyderabad in India. For the next five years it is the first of 30 restaurants planned for Andhra Pradesh.

As a franchise for Andhra Pradesh Texas Chicken has appointed the (SH Group). CEO Harsha V. Agadi, Church’s Chicken said, that they are entering this Indian market to grow destructively & provide a sole value offer to the Indian customers , which includes freshly prepared fried chicken home style, that is spicy & extra juicy with a unique crunch & signature side items. They feel assertive that customers will love & try the flavor & taste of their chicken & all the veg and non-veg options.

The Church’s/Texas chicken with extension into the India the TC after opening their restaurants in Indonesia & Philippines enters its third Asian market. The restaurant chain began to expanding since 1979 internationally while it is new to India. Today this restaurant is one of the leading quick-service concepts of chicken in the world. TC is undergoing 6 years of impressive encouraging same store sales. The chain immodesties itself on the attention & care that is taken in the food preparation. Best value meals include the unique crunch of the chicken & its side signature side items.

Mr Agadi said that they have spent a year on engineering & researching their idea of menu development & positioning.


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