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Who I Am as a Learner?

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The second highest score is Pragmatist. According to Honey and Mumford, Pragmatists are keen on trying out ideas, theories and techniques to see if they work in practice. It’s also quite similar with my styles as my partner always said that I am a person who like to try different ideas or opinion from any person as I think that it’s not just one strategy for all scenario.

The third highest score is Theorist. According to Honey and Mumford, theorists tend to be rational, logical and objective. I am a person who don’t want to waste any time to work in wrong directions. It’s seems a bit contrast to Pragmatist but I would say even I am the person who like to try different ideas but I will think about is it logical first.

Finally, the lower ranking is Activist which tend to rush into action without thinking ahead sufficiently. I am also agreeing on that as no matter my colleagues or families also think that I am a person who really like to go into details and I would spend sometimes to think about every cases before taking the actions.

1.4 Myers-Briggs Based Personality Type Indicator

The personality means a relatively stable set of characteristics that influences an individual’s behaviour. So, what is the important to understand the personality? The reason is it can help to Identify ways to build on strengths and mitigate weaknesses or •Learn how to motivate, manage, and lead different personality types etc…

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is to make the theory of psychological types described understandable and useful in people's lives. The essence of the theory is that much seemingly random variation in the behaviour is quite orderly and consistent, being due to basic differences in the ways individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.





How one re-energizes



How one gathers information



How one makes decisions



How one orients to the outer world

1.4.1 Implications of learning

[pic 2] [pic 3]

According to the test results, firstly, it indicated my personality is more extroverted than introverted. I agree on that as I am the person who like to discuss or interacting with colleagues and classmates. However, as I said that before I am a person who really think before taking actions. That’s the reason why the results are quite balance between Extroverted or introverted.

Secondly, it indicated my personality is more sensation than intuition. As I mentioned in another tests result, I would like to take all the information as I can before I will take the actions or accept some ideas and reduce the risks I need to face.

Thirdly, it indicated my personality is more focus on feeling than thinking. I am also agreeing on that as I am really focusing on teamwork. Sometimes I do care about the teammates feeling too much when I need to take some actions which will affecting another’s.

Lastly, the tests indicated I am a judgement person than perception person. That's correct as I would like to know everything and I hope that everything is under my control no matter be with my friends and family or working in the company. My boss always say that I am a person who always have plan b.

I would say the tests is quite similar with my analysis of myself. Especially I need to have an improvement on focusing too much on feeling instead of thinking. As I want to be a person who can take all the decisions which is according to the rules and figures.

1.5 The Belbin Test

Team behavior means individuals and groups behave within an organizational setting and explain how management behaviors and structures can positively or negatively influence employee’s behavior. (Randi hawks Rowe, 2017). To understand the team role behaviors can help to determine a desired balance for a new project or make an analysis of the current team to identify the roles and the talents. Also, it can be used to identify the personal development areas in order to take a team to a higher level.

The Belbin Test is one of the popular methods to assess the team behavior (Sommerville and Dlziel, 1998). And Meredith Belbin (1982) considered a successful team will have individuals with the following characteristics which including:




Resource Investigator

Team Worker

Monitor Evaluator




1.5.1 Implication of learning

[pic 4]

The results above show that my primarily preferences as a Co-ordinator and a Teamworker.

Firstly, Co-ordinators are usually confident people who have an interest on others. They usually bring out the best in their colleagues. That’s exactly what my styles in work or social life. I really like to Co-ordinate activities or discussion and people gave me opinion that I understanding what work needs to be done and how to delegate work appropriately.

Secondly, Teamworkers means care about others and the personality is social, mild, perceptive and accommodating. I am also agreeing on that as I mentioned in MBTI analysis, I am the person who is really focus the teamwork and care about what my teammates feel and think. And the reason for I will focus on teamwork is totally affecting in my secondary school period as my secondary school is suggests the students need to discuss with the classmates and present the homework in the class.

As a result, this two-combination support that I am


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