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Vietnam Gdp

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... Main competitors:


Rate (%)



Beauty koala -

25 %

_ The first retailer of cosmetic products in Saigon.

_ Selling to all famous Korean brands.

_ Has three chain stores in district 1 , district 10 and Tân Bình district.

_Customers confused of many kinds of brands.

_ Selling slow, easy to get stock.



_ Korean cosmetic retailer, import product directly.

_ Guarantee the quality of products.

_ Receive customer order.

_ Do not have store chain.

Thế Giới Skinfood:


_ Korean cosmetic retailer from the famous brands.

_Having good deals for customers

_ The cheap price makes customers afraid of quality.

_ Selling slow, easy to get stock.



Diversity of many brands .

Afraid of the quality Distribution channels: [pic 3]

Around 30% product is distributed to the resellers , 20% for shopping mall and 50% to the customers. Introduction to customers:

15 to 39, accounting for 40% of the female population, is a very fertile segment of potential, reports Kantar Worldpanel Vietnam Cosmetics market has just announced. Eighty percent of urban consumers purchase at least one beauty care product, one quart of personal care spending is spent on beauty products.

Ages / Trends

Lip make up

Face make up








Over 40


According to a market study of Vietnamese women's consumption habits of cosmetics, 24% of people surveyed make-up every day ( Ages : 18~39 ) , 44%

make up at least one week ,( 15~18 ages) , 45% only make up for special occasions ( Over 40 ages). Opportunities and threats:

Opportunities :

Another study by market research firm Asia Plus published in September 2016 showed that nearly 30% of participants in the survey had skin problems every day. Especially those over 20 years old had a tendency. choose more quality products. This has created a large and diverse demand for cosmetic products.

Vietnamese spending on cosmetics is not a small number, as 44% of survey respondents spend about 200,000 VND per month on cosmetics. While 80% of women under the age of 29 usually spend less than 300,000 VND on cosmetics a month, 40% of women over 30 spend more than that, according to Asia Plus.


Besides , the legal procedures are difficult and waste time . The import taxes will be increased.


_ Various kinks of good products for the customers.

_ Selling online .


_Reliable, product origin.

_ The brand has been confirmed.

_The product is designed for Asian women's skin.

_ Supported by the cultural movement.


_ Do not having chain store.


_ The legal procedures are difficult.

_ The import taxes will be increased.


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