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The Return

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I asked her what she wanted as a graduation present. Allie paused for a moment then her eyes lit up and said, “CAMPING, daddy always said he would take me but never did.” I was shocked that’s what she wanted but I said “deal, ill call the campgrounds” I called and they said they’re booked for the rest of the summer. The dispatcher said please hold, I heard mumbling in the background, “we just had a cancelation, you guys can come up tomorrow morning” “perfect see you then” I said. I went to go tell Allie and her brother John, they jumped for joy, I haven’t seen them this happy in forever. We woke up in the morning, packed our bags and left.

We finally arrived at the campground we checked in at the main desk. We drove deep into the woods to our cabin. It wasn’t the most luxurious campground around but it’s all we could afford. We walked up the creaky steps, looking at the paint chipping from the cabin. We put the key into the door and walked inside. The interior was more eye appealing than the exterior but not by much. The kids ran upstairs to call dibs on the bedrooms. I went on the back porch overlooking the lake. Before I knew it was lost in the beautiful sunset, wishing my husband was here. The kids came out and asked what was for dinner “the chicken will be ready shortly, its cooking in the oven.” A half of an hour passed, and dinner was on the table. After we finished dinner Allie decided to take a shower. I heard a scream from upstairs, dropped the dirty dishes, john and I ran upstairs to see what was wrong. We went into her bedroom; we saw her standing there bleeding from her stomach and crying. “What happened” I yelled and she said “I was stabbed, daddy-“ “ahhhhh” john yelled. I turned around and saw my husband standing there. He was covered in cuts, bruises, and blood. I yelled “what have you done to Allie” He chased the stairs into the kitchen. Before I knew it felt a piercing pain in the back of my head, I felt the fountain of blood and I fell to the floor.


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