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Stages of the Transition Curve

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to see individuals getting paid more for the work that they are doing. Even with less individuals in the store hopefully the number of hours worked can be increased and greater benefits given to the individuals that are in the store. This is something that is truly critical to be able to have a level of achievement in the way that there can be gains to ensure that employees get more fulfillment from the job.

In a certain way there is a sense of progress with certain problems being taken care of with this change. There have been dips in sales and changes to the overall environment that have happened. This is shifting over the years and there is truly some massive change happening that is allowing more people to get used to ordering using machines. The reality is that we are an evolving society. This is shifting the way that Panera and other companies function. The overall results that are achieved are done in a way to make a significant difference with the impact that is had. The reality is that there are so many opportunities that exist to make sure that we balance technology with the overall result that is necessary to be able to achieve the greatest results possible. Something to consider is that society is changing. Companies like Panera are doing what they can to be able to keep ahead of other businesses in having a sense of prosperity. It is important to manage expectations and balance it with technology in a way that will reach higher levels of success. What we must focus on is “the chain is expanding its mobile ordering nationwide, which allows customers to place orders via apps on mobile devices, and its "Enhanced To-Go and Eat-In" system that allows customers to order at a kiosk inside its restaurants”(Brown, 2014). The process of causing a shift to exist is something that is truly large and will bring a massive level of accomplishment that will be able to come forth.

The future of Panera will be probably more driven toward using newer technologies on an ongoing basis. There is a need to realize that the future of Panera will hinge on their proper implementation of technology. The overall results will be managed in a way that will allow for there to be a sense of accomplishment. The reality is that Panera is looking at making things easier and yet there will be different levels of change over time. Not everyone will be successful, but the more effort that goes into it the better the outcomes will potentially be.

In conclusion, the company Panera needs to be able to continue to work to make a higher profit. There will be costs that have to be dealt with and a level of consideration needs to go into every step. There will be a promising future in certain ways for Panera to make different shifts to grow in the right way. This company needs to be cautious about the direction that they are heading in.


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Panera bread reports progress on initiatives. (2015). Food and Beverage Close - Up, Retrieved from


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