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Scm World’s 2016 Report on Supply Chain Trends Reaction

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the report also mentioned of the more visible trend which is social media. The responses of most industries that they expect social media to inform their company’s supply chain management practices in the future didn’t come as a surprise as this extremely visible for social media users like the group. Here and there we can see advertisements, promotions and communication materials from companies regardless of size.

Official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages of several companies have proliferated and this time, the usage of these media are not restricted to getting customer feedback but for direct selling as well. Interestingly, the group also observed that this welcoming development seems to favor small scale industries as costs relating to rent, promotions and holding inventory are slashed significantly, if not totally zeroed out. For an instance, there are a lot of Instagram accounts involved in direct selling of a variety of items, from apparels to pets to make up etc. Another example would be social media accounts of gadget manufacturers that may not sell directly in their accounts but show detailed links and steps on how consumers can directly purchase without the need of going to a physical store. And lastly, trending topics in the form of hashtags are given more importance by companies now than ever.

As expected, innovations are coupled with risks as well and the report shows that industries are also aware of this. With the information security breaches that have transpired recently, it is assuring that industries are being more matured in their supply risk management. The report also showed a decline on the problems caused by suppliers. However, upstream visibility which is said to be among the ultimate solutions in mitigating supply chain risks, doesn’t significantly change which is quite contradictory. How come improvements happen occurred if visibility remained the same? What other measures have been done? This also seems like a good follow-up study.


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