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Mgt 231 - Carrington Inc

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- Problem Analysis

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Diagram. Problem Flow Diagram

Problem Statement:

What should the management do to improve the working condition of the employees that would motivate them and reduce absenteeism, tardiness and high rate of turnovers?

- Alternative Solution

- Assumptions

- There is no regular mode of public transportation from the main plant or center to Patterson.

- Due to poor working environment, incidence of employee’s sickness is frequent.

- Because of routinely work, the tasks became less challenging which resulted to employee burn-out.

- The management realizes that providing the same reward may reduce the input motivation of their employees.

- There is no assurance that the present condition is consistent or will remain consistent.

- The owner of the rented space agrees on by long term lease agreement making it feasible for Carrington, Inc. to invest on improvement.

- Personal and work-related issues of employees.

- There is a provision lot area for the building expansion.

- There is no employee support.

Alternative A. Retrofitting the building in accordance to the needs of the operation and convenience of the workers.



- Long term benefit

- Improved working condition of the employees that could reduce absenteeism, tardiness and turnover

- Increase employee’s morale by addressing their needs that would result to the increase in their productivity

- Costly

- The construction will hamper the daily operations (time consuming)

- The working space will just be the same as before.

Alternative 2. Construction of a building extension.

To provide an additional working space for the mobility and comfort of the workers.



- It will not disrupt the operation

- Improve the working space that would increase productivity

- Long term benefit

- Costly

- At the end of the lease contract, it would be part of the lessor’s property.

Alternative C. Positive Reinforcement. Implementation of a reward system and a recognition program.

To implement a reward system and recognition for employees who can comply with the standard level set by the company on attendance and punctuality in a monthly basis and loyalty in a 5-year basis. These reward system maybe in a form of money, vacation or any other options that the awardee would choose that would be considered acceptable by the management.



- They would feel appreciated and motivated that could increase work efficiency.

- Increase the probability of doing well and behave appropriately.

- There won’t be a guarantee that it would solve the problem

- Additional cost will incurred by the management

- Management selection of employees may lead to allegations of favoritism that may lead to the creation of discord and factions within the workforce.

Alternative D. Provision of shuttles services and a shift in the work schedules.

Attendance must be checked and kept detailed accordingly. The records should include what time or day the employee is absent or is being tardy. Look for the patterns over time and once analyzed, change the working schedule of these employees and assign and provide shuttle service to pick up points per area.



- It won’t be costly on the employees part

- They would be encouraged to go to work

- Ease of transportation for the employees

- Costly

- There won’t be a guarantee that it would solve the problem

- Increased risk and liability of the company towards the employees.

Alternative E. Provision of support for the employee’s health and wellness.

This is a program that can help the employee deal with personal, work related and health issues that might be affecting their performance and attendance. It would promote work-life balance. This would include the provision of resident medical practitioner/nurse in Patterson, recreational and wellness activities, counseling and guidance.



- Improve the health conditions of the employees

- Prevention of absenteeism related to sickness

- Work-life balance

- It would incur additional cost


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