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China's Capital Market

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I started to get exposed to China's capital market during my internship in a top-ranked domestic investment bank. Working in the equity research department, my job was to help senior staffs to evaluate the investment opportunity on several listed companies and prepare research reports. As a freshman in accounting, I was initially overwhelmed by the puzzling numbers on the financial reports. "How can I interpret these numbers and ratios? What key factors are driving the company to achieve leading positions in the market?" These questions saw me through my internship, as well as my job as an auditor in Deloitte for the past 3 years.[a]

From a fresh university graduate to a professional expert, it took me 3 years of diligent work and continuing study. Auditing is a job with strict guidelines and procedures that others may think it inflexible,  I also devote myself in the innovation of working efficiency. I'm always glad to explore ways to enhance working efficiency by applying advanced data analysing and visualizing skills. On the seminar of the audit group, I was selected to introduce my experience in those skills to all the staffs and managers to help them increase working efficiency. As a senior, I'm now taking leads in projects with 3 to 5 junior staffs, and I always insist my idea of "work hard and work smart" prior to the project started.[b]

but I treasured that job for it can bring me unique opportunity to get in touch with the top management leaders and the key financial data. I'm always glad to interview managers of the clients in different departments to understand their functions and pursuits, as well as the key successful factors in the business unit functions. I served more than 20 clients on their finance reporting. Most of these clients are Chinese domestic companies, from state-owned enterprises to unicorn companies in high-tech domains. Thanks to great development of China's economic in the past decades, entrepreneurs achieved their success in building up their companies. However, these companies have something in common: They cost a lot in raising funds. Without sufficient cash flow, a promising company can easily lost their competitiveness in the rapid-changing market.[c]


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